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Lähde mukaan XIII kansainväliseen vappuprikaatiin. Lue alta tiedote ja pyydä lisätietoja lähettämällä sähköpostia info@kuubaseura.fi. Viimeinen ilmoittautumispäivä on 30.3.2018.

Open Call for the XIII May Day International Brigade

(April 23 to May 6, 2018)

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, together with its Travel Agency Amistur Cuba S.A. invites you to participate on the XIII edition of the May Day International Brigade, to celebrate the International Workers' Day. This Brigade also pays tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, while marking the 70-year anniversary of the murder of trade union leader Jesus Menéndez Larrondo.

Participants will carry out days of voluntary work; will visit places of historic, social and cultural interest, will receive lectures on up-to-date topics and exchange with representatives from different political and mass organizations, workers, TU leaders and living testimonies of Cuban history.

The Brigade will take place from April 23 to May 6, 2018 in the provinces of Havana, Artemisa, Villa Clara and Camagüey, where “brigadistas” will gain a wider awareness on Cuba’s current reality and the transformations taking place in the island as part of the process of updating the economic model designed to strengthen our socialist project.

The cost of the whole package is 576.00 CUC. These includes: accommodation in shared rooms up to 6 people (in the case of Julio Antonio Mella International Camp, CIJAM); single, double or triple rooms (depending on availability at the hotel) in Camagüey; with full board (all three meals); airport transfers (inout) and transportation to all the activities included in the program.

Since the CIJAM maximum capacity of lodging is 220 people, it is important to receive confirmation of your participation in this brigade in the established timeframe. After completing this capacity, the late received confirmations of participants will have a different accommodation alternative with a higher cost.

The program includes 14 nights of stay: out of them 10 at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM), located in the Caimito municipality, some 45 Km from Havana, and 4 nights in a hotel in Camagüey province.

By confirming participation, “brigadistas” take responsibility of participating in all activities under the proposed program; as well as assuring compliance with CIJAM regulations, maintaining an appropriate behavior, high standards of discipline and a socially responsible conduct, consistent with norms for social interaction.

Registrations are opened until March 30, 2018. It is an essential precondition for the registration to know all personal information of participants, as well as details of flight arrival and departure, including date, time and flight number.

We invite you to join us in this XIII May Day International Brigade to keep building unity and solidarity amongst the peoples of the world.

Fraternally yours,


Your confirmation must be send to:

Amistur Cuba S.A.

e-mail: eventas@amistur.cu 


April 23rd to May 6th, 2018


Sunday, April 22nd:

Arrival of the Delegations

17:00hrs Departure of the transport from the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Headquarters to the “Julio Antonio Mella” International Camp (CIJAM)

20:00hrs Dinner at CIJAM


Monday, April 23rd:

07:00hrs Breakfast.

09:00hrs Wreath lying at the bust of Julio Antonio Mella. Planting of a tree as a solidarity gesture for future generations.

09:30hrs Official inauguration to the Brigade members by ICAP representatives.
Lugar: CIJAM Conference room

10:30hrs Break

10:45hrs Information and policy guidance meeting

  • Overview of the ICAP reps 

  • Introduction of the Camp personnel. 

  • Foreword of the program and important matters to know.

12:00hrs Lunch

14:30hrs Lecture on Cuba’s electoral system. 

  • Presents the results of the recently concluded election process 

  • Presentation will be followed by a question and answer period with delegates 
to the Provincial Assembly and members of the National Assembly of 
People's Power.

19:00hrs Meeting of the Coordinating Committee (with reps from the different delegations)

20:00hrs Welcome cultural activity. 

  • Dinner and Cuban Night


Tuesday, April 24th:

06:00hrs Breakfast

06:45hrs Morning briefing session

07:00hrs Agricultural activities. By subgroups, together with reps from youth organizations such as UJC (Young Communist League), FEEM (Secondary Schoolers Federation), OPJM (José Martí Pioneer Organization), FEU (University Student Federation), AHS (Hermanos Saíz Association) and BTJ (Youth Technical Brigades)

11:30hrs Return to CIJAM

12:00hrs Lunch at CIJAM

13:30hrs Departure

14:30hrs Visit to educational centers from the province. (Visits by subgroups: a primary school, a junior & a senior high school and a university faculty)

17:30hrs Return to CIJAM

18:30hrs Dinner

20:30hrs Screening of a Young Cinema Film Festival award-winning documentary. AMISTUR Optionals


Wednesday, April 25th:

05:00hrs Wake up call

05:30hrs Breakfast

06:00hrs Departure for Villa Clara province

09:30hrs Official reception to the Brigade members by the local authorities in the province and the ICAP representatives at the Ernesto Guevara Revolution Square in Santa Clara.

  • Wreath lying at Che monument by each Brigade member.

Divided into groups:

  • Visit to the Museum, guided by specialists 

  • Visit to Che Memorial and Mausoleum from Las Villas Rebel Front, led by 
Ché at the province that use to bear the same name. 

  • Visit to the Museum dedicated to the action Against the Armored Train. 
Explanation of the attack carried out by the columns headed by Che. 

  • Visit to the Ché statue with the children, located in front of the building once-representation of a dictatorship ministry, today seat of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Communist Party in Villa Clara, where Ché 
placed his second military command. 

  • Lunch at the ICAP Delegation in the province 

14:00hrs Continue the traveled to Camagüey province (Please note it is a 5 more hours trip)

19:00hrs Arrival at Camagüey City 

  • Accommodation and dinner at the hotel 

  • Free Night 


Thursday, April 26th:

07:00hrs Breakfast

08:30hrs Departure

09:00hrs Official reception by the ICAP representatives and the authorities of the territory at the “Ignacio Agramonte” Revolution Square.

  • Wreath lying at Ignacio Agramonte monument

09:45hrs Continue with the program

10:00hrs Visits to important historic and cultural centers of the city (Visits by subgroups:

Nicolás Guillen Birthplace Museum, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda Birthplace Museum, Camagüey City Scale Model, Jesus Suárez Gayol Museum or Students Museum and Provincial Museum)

12:00hrs Return to hotel

12:30hrs Lunch at the hotel

14:00hrs Departure by subgroups

14:30hrs Visits to factories and production plants to exchange with workers. (Visits by subgroups)

17:00hrs Return to hotel

19:00hrs Dinner at the hotel

20:00hrs Departure to attend a presentation in a cultural center in the province.

23:00hrs Return to Hotel


Friday, April 27th:

07:00hrs Breakfast

07:30hrs Departure

08:00hrs Agricultural activities

11:00hrs Return to the hotel

12:00hrs Lunch at the hotel

14:00hrs Depart

14:30hrs Visit to scientific centers of the province to exchange with workers. (Visits by subgroups to: Biotechnology Center, health clinics and environmental-care Center)

17:00hrs Return to the hotel

19:00hrs Dinner at the hotel

20:00hrs Depart

20:30hrs Meeting with members of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs)

22:30hrs Return to the Hotel


Saturday, April 28th:

07:00hrs Breakfast

09:00hrs Departure for a municipality in Camagüey affected by Irma Hurricane

  • Exchange on the local development of the homegrown municipalities. Visits to local factories and production plants, a cultural community project, a sport institution, to learn about the community’s everyday life.

12:00hrs Back to the city and lunch at the hotel

14:30hrs Free time in the city

20:00hrs Dinner at the hotel and farewell activity


Sunday, April 29th:

07:00hrs Breakfast and check out

07:30hrs Departure for Habana

12:30hrs Lunch in Villa Clara

14:30hrs Continue journey to CIJAM

  • Arrival at the Camp 

  • Lodging and dinner 


Monday, April 30th:

07:00hrs Breakfast

09:00hrs Panel discussion: “Cuba, the process of updating its economic model in the face of the challenges posed by the blockade”.

12:00hrs Lunch at the Camp

14:30hrs Exchange meeting (by countries or region) with ICAP officials. Agreement of forward-looking actions for the Cuba Solidarity Movement.

16:30hrs Entertainment workshops:

  • Sporting events 

  • Salsa dance classes 

  • handicraft classes and preparing posters for May Day 

20:00 hrs Dinner 


Tuesday, May Day:

03:30hrs Breakfast

04:30hrs Depart for the Revolution Square.

07:00hrs Participation on the International Workers' Day Parade.

  • By the end of the parade return to the Camp or those who so wish:

- Free time in Havana

- AMISTUR Optionals

19:00hrs Return to the Camp for those brigadistas who stayed in the city 


Wednesday, May 2nd:

07:00hrs Breakfast

08:00hrs Departure for the Havana Convention Center.

  • Participation in the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba 

  • Lunch at the Convention Center

14:30hrs Departure 

15:00hrs Wreath-laying ceremony at the Monument to “José Martí” at “13 de Marzo” Park. (Replica of a statue depicting Martí, which is located in Avenue of the Americas, Central Park. NY) (W 59th St & Center Drive, New York, NY 10019) 

15:30hrs City tour. (By subgroups to visit the Museum of the Revolution, the Fine Arts Museum, Casa de África, or tour around Old Plazas in Havana)

19:00hrs Brigadistas’ pick-up will take place in the “13 de Marzo” Park

19:30hrs Dinner at the Friendship House 

22:30hrs Return to CIJAM 


Thursday, May 3rd:

06:00hrs Breakfast

06:45hrs Morning briefing session

07:00hrs Agricultural activities3. (By subgroups, together with reps from UJC, FEEM, OPJM, FEU, AHS and BTJ)

11:30hrs Return to CIJAM

12:00hrs Lunch at the Camp

14:00hrs Exchange workshop on the history of the Cuban Revolution:

  • With historians, combatants of the Revolution, members of the Cuban
  • Women Federation (FMC) and Labour Heroes.

18:00hrs Dinner at the Camp

20:00hrs AMISTUR Optionals


Friday, May 4th:

06:00hrs Breakfast

06:45hrs Morning briefing session

07:00hrs Agricultural activities. (By subgroups, together with reps from UJC, FEEM, OPJM, FEU, AHS and BTJ)

11:30hrs Return to CIJAM

12:00hrs Lunch at the Camp

14:30hrs Brigade’s Closing Activity.

  • Approval of the Final Declaration.

20:00 hrs Dinner and International Night


Saturday, May 5th:

07:00 hrs Breakfast

09:00 hrs Visits to community projects

  • Free time in the city 

  • Lunch on your own

17:00 hrs Return to CIJAM from ICAP Headquarters

18:00 hrs Dinner at the Camp

AMISTUR Optionals all day long.


Sunday, May 6th:

  • Brigadistas’ return to their respective countries according to flights itinerary.

07:30hrs Breakfast

10:00hrs Last departure from the Camp to Havana (ICAP) for those brigadistas staying in Cuba with individual agendas)


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