Lähde Pohjoismaiseen prikaatiin 18.12.2017 - 7.1.2018

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Kuuban Kansojenvälisen Ystävyyden Instituutti ICAP kutsuu osallistujia 61. Pohjoismaiseen prikaatiin, joka järjestetään Julio A. Mellan (CIJAM) leirikeskuksessa 18.12.2017 - 7.1.2018 välisenä aikana. Lue tästä englanninkielinen tiedote prikaatista ja pyydä tarkka ohjelma lähettämällä sähköpostia Kuuba-seuralle (info@kuubaseura.fi).

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"Dear Friends!

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) have the pleasure to invite you to join the 61st Contingent of the Nordic Brigade, which takes place at the International Camp “Julio A. Mella”(CIJAM), from December 18th , 2017  to January 7th , 2018.

As it is traditional, the main goal of this program of activities will be share with the friends a new anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution providing you with a bigger knowledge about the reality of our people and the results reached during all this years of revolution, besides to serve as a bridge of friendship to all those peoples interested in have a more objective vision of Cuba.

The voluntary labor brigades, for many decades, have been one of the main ways that have helped to increase the Solidarity Movement and strength the mutual friendship and knowledge between Cuba y and the rest of the peoples of the world.

The cost of the program includes transfer from and to the airport, 4 nights of stay in one hotel in the province of Sancti Spíritus, 17 nights at the International Camp “Julio Antonio Mella” (CIJAM), located in Guayabal, Caimito, Artemisa province 40 km away from the capital, with accommodation in shared rooms with capacity of 6 people, food (full maintenance), transportation to the activities include in the program and emergency medical services.

In the period an interesting cycle of lectures will be offered, meetings with political and mass organizations will be held, 6 working days will be carried out in agriculture and political, social and cultural sites will be visited, among others options.

Sports and dancing activities, videos and documentaries and solidarity days will also be combined. All this will brings you closer to the idiosyncrasy of our people and will be able to understand even more the reasons that sustain and strengthen our Revolution.

PRICE OF THE PACKAGE:                  511 CUC

The payment of the package must be made within the first 72 hours of arriving at CIJAM. Persons who pay by bank transfer must bring receipt of their execution. It is recalled as a security measure that the bank transfers and corresponding payments should not be made, under any concept, in US dollars.

The CIJAM provides emergency medical services 24 hours a day, cafeteria, bar, shop, national and international telephony, Internet services, email and safe for personal documents and valuables.

We ask you for inform us before November 18, 2017 the names and surnames of those interested, date and place of birth, passport number, dates of arrivals in Havana and return to each country to keep the register of attendees for the activities and accommodation in the hotel of the province that will be visited. 

Each brigadista must bring 2 photos size 4 x 4 cm. for the card that accredits him as a member of the "Nordic Brigade", suitable clothing and shoes (long-sleeved shirt, long jeans, gloves, work shoes and hat) to carry out the productive work.

For planned sporting events (Friendship Race and Football Match), brigadistas must come prepared properly and, if possible, bring with them some sporting implements such as soccer balls, whistles, knee pads, etc.

Brigadistas who remain in Cuba, at the end of the Brigade, must personally make their visa extension in the Immigration and Foreigners offices; in case of remain for longer in the country.

Official languages will be English and Spanish.

We would like to have your presence and share with you what has traditionally been an unforgettable experience.

Hope see you soon!

Giselle Fuentes Sandar


61st Contingent of the Nordic Brigade

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